Exam Schedule

Duration: 1.5 hours

Offline Exam Timings:

The exam will be conducted in Slots on the above said dates with timings as below :

(Every student will receive an SMS with the allotted slot timings 2 days before the exam)

Slot 19.00am to 10.30am
Slot 211.00am to 12.30pm
Slot 31.00pm to 2.30pm
Slot 43.00pm to 4.30pm
Slot 55.00pm to 6.30pm
Slot 67.00pm to 8.30pm

Please note that the slot will be allotted by CV Raman Academy. The complete discretion of slot allotment will be only with CV Raman Academy and slot change requests will not be entertained.

Note: During the time of exam, if there are any new Govt. regulations that does not allow Offline exam, then it will be conducted Online on some other subsequent date, which will be announced then.


Online Exam Timings:

Students can give the exam anytime during the login window 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM on the above said dates.

Student Testimonials

Hello! I’m R.Aakhas from Vidhya Niketan Public School studying in 10th grade. I’ve been a part of CV Raman academy for 4 years since grade 6. I’ve had great exposure to an extensive and really supportive peer group and academic panel (teachers). As a whole, my experience at CV Raman academy has really been a delightful and fruitful one at the same time. I strongly recommend students to join CV Raman Academy and benefit from them.

R. Aakhas

Vidhya Niketan Public School

I am S.Harshitha of National model matric higher secondary school,  I am studying in Cvraman  academy from 10th std , From CVR classes I gained   more knowledge which helps me in my academics. Physics- In physics classes I was able to gain the knowledge of basics which is so Important for working on problems and   not only it enhanced my knowledge, I was able to gain scientific understanding of day-to-day life activities.

S. Harshitha

National Model MHSS

Hello, I’m Jai Aakash of CVRaman Academy. So I’m studying here for past 1.5 years and after I joined here, I have gained much knowledge. To be frank, before joining here I will not even understand anything in science, but I will just totally mug up everything for exam. But after joining here, they made an interest for me in Physics, Chemistry as well as math. I’m really satisfied after joining here. Thank you!

Jai Aakash

Chavara Vidya Bhavan