Parent Testimonials

11th Std(2021-22)
National Model CBSE School

My son Dharmick, has been studying in CV Raman Academy since 8th grade. He is aiming for IIT and is interested in research oriented activities. He has gained a huge amount of knowledge and confidence during these years. The teachers are very friendly and make all concepts easy to understand through interactive classes. He has come a long way and I am sure that he will achieve his goals.

Ramesh Kumar R MCA

IT Manager, Interface Inc.

Samyuktha Shree.T
11th Std(2021-22)
Lisieux CMI CBSE School

The standards maintained by the institute and the teachers are very high. More importantly, the exclusive attention given to every individual student in this institute is what every parent wants for their ward, and we are delighted to have made the right choice for our ward.


Managing Director, Aqua EDM Centre

9th Std(2021-22)
Stanes ICSE School

Our son is attending IIT coaching here for past one and half years. They are really encouraging and understanding the students capability in a week’s time. The teachers are THE BEST. They clear even the pettiest, lamest doubt of kids. They are motivating the kids on a regular basis even during hard times. I was impressed about the follow up of each and every session, test and getting the feedback from us and from kids regarding their understanding.

Staffs are giving essential tips and strategies while teaching the subjects. I would definitely recommend this academy for a brighter future of our child’s career.

Observed these changes which mentioned below from my son after joining this institute,

*Created interest in Subjects.*Deeper thinking in understanding concepts and problem solving.*Scoring full marks in exams conducted by school.*Explored many international exams and set the goal to achieve it.*Interaction with a Knowledgeable peer group.

Priyadharshini M.E , Software Engineer & Sathesh Kumar M.E, Software Engineer

Student Testimonials

Hello! I’m R.Aakhas from Vidhya Niketan Public School studying in 10th grade. I’ve been a part of CV Raman academy for 4 years since grade 6. Since joining the institute, I’ve had great exposure to an extensive and really supportive peer group and academic panel (teachers).

The classes they take for physics, chemistry, maths and biology are awesome and they also teach us about the deeper concepts made for higher classes. They gave me great exposure to competitive exams like international olympiads. I am sure that I would achieve my goal of cracking NEET and getting the top 100 rank at the national level.

As a whole, my experience at CV Raman academy has really been a delightful and fruitful one at the same time. I strongly recommend students to join CV Raman Academy and benefit from them. Thank you!

R. Aakhas

10th Std (2021-22) - Vidhya Niketan Public School

I am S.Harshitha of National model matric higher secondary school,  I am studying in Cvraman  academy from 10th std , From CVR classes I gained   more knowledge which helps me in my academics .

Actually I am a Neet aspirant .

Physics- In physics classes I was able to gain the knowledge of basics which is so Important for working on problems and   not only it enhanced my knowledge, I was able to gain scientific understanding of day-to-day life activities.

Chemistry- Chemistry classes were extraordinary and I was able to gain more knowledge about chemical concepts in our life. Those classes provided me immense knowledge of roles of chemistry in life.

Biology- In biology classes the  concepts were very well explained and I got to know about many biological terms

S. Harshitha

11th Std (2021-22) - National Model MHSS

Hello, I’m Jai Aakash of CVRaman Academy. So I’m studying here for past 1.5 years and after I joined here, I have gained much knowledge. To be frank, before joining here I will not even understand anything in science, but I will just totally mug up everything for exam. But after joining here, they made an interest for me in Physics, Chemistry as well as math. I’m really satisfied after joining here. Thank you!

Jai Aakash

9th Std (2021-22) - Chavara Vidya Bhavan

Toppers Testimonials

Hi, I am Rohith Kumar , studied in CV Raman Academy from 6th to 12th Std. I got an All India Rank of 1598 in JEE Adv 2020 . I have joined B.Tech Chemical engineering in IIT Madras . My dream of joining top IITs has come true due to CV Raman Academy. Under the guidelines of Mr. Manivannan Sir , I started studying 11th Std syllabus during my 9th Std and 12th Std syllabus during tenth Std. I studied Foreign Reference Books as prescribed by the Director of CV Raman especially for Physics , Organic and Inorganic chemistry in the order they suggested . Special material , notes and many miscellaneous problems esp. for Maths and Chemistry given by CV Raman Academy , gradually increased my problem solving ability and my knowledge about particular chapters.  Daily close monitoring and continuous corrective measures given by Directors of CV Raman Academy helped me and has finally yielded the result. They conduct tests continuously and in more than three phases. It helped me to know how the questions are set and what are the chances and ways they can ask questions. I thank CV Raman Academy for helping me to achieve my goal.

Rohith Kumar

IIT Madras (2021-25) - Studied in CV RAMAN from 6th to 12th Std

R. Adithya

Madurai Medical College (2018-23) - Studied in CV RAMAN from 7th to 12th Std