Terms & Conditions

  1. Important Instructions to fill the Registration Form:
    1. Incomplete form will be rejected.
    2. It is compulsory to provide Mobile No. & Email ID of the student / parent / guardian. The information regarding the exam & results will be sent to the student via SMS and / or E-mail. Institute shall not be responsible if any information regarding result or anything else is not received by the student if he/ she has not given his/her or parent’s/ Guardian’s updated & correct Mobile No. / E-mail ID in HUNT FOR JUNIOR C V RAMAN form at the time of registration.
  2. Necessary information about Cash Awards:
    1. The cash awards will be distributed to students in an Offline Prize Distribution Ceremony at a venue decided by CVR. The Ceremony will be conducted any time between Apr 2022 to Sep 2022 and the date will be informed later.
    2. The Cash Award winners will be declared between Apr 2022 to May 2022.
    3. Cash Award shall be paid by Account Payee Cheque only in the name of the student.
    4. The Managements decision will be final and binding in all cases of the cash awards.
  3. Necessary Information/ Conditions about Zero Fee & Scholarships :
    1. Meaning of Zero Fee: The Top 5 in each Standard (in 2021-22) from 5th to 11th Std will be given an opportunity to study in CV RAMAN ACADEMY with Nil Fees for 1 academic year.
    2. Meaning of Scholarship: Scholarship means Fee Concession, Fee Discount, Fee Waiver. If at any point of time, the government decides to charge GST on the scholarship/concession amount/fee waiver, then the GST shall be borne by the student / parent / guardian.
    3. Selected candidate will be provided Classroom coaching as per the choice of their study centre (at existing C V RAMAN centres only) but if a student wants to change the study centre, written permission for the same will have to be taken from the Management of CV Raman School For IIT-JEE.
    4. The students joining 1-year course through Scholarship shall be eligible for scholarship for 1 year only. However, those students who join our 2- year program shall be eligible for continued scholarship for the entire period of 2 years subject to Terms & Conditions.
    5. Maximum scholarship for a student shall not exceed 100% of overall fee in any case whatsoever.
    6. During the Classroom Program at C V RAMAN, a student must meet the following requirements failing which his/her Scholarship/ Zero fee program will be revoked with immediate effect. The decision of the Management, CV Raman School for IIT-JEE shall be final and binding to the student and the parents.
      1. ATTENDANCE: The attendance of the student in the coaching class should not drop below 75% throughout the Classroom program. It is compulsory for a student under this program to write 90% of his/her test papers conducted by the institute in his/her batches.
      2. TEST MARKS: The student will be required to maintain a minimum of 65% marks in their regular assessment tests.
  4. Other Important Information:
    1. HUNT FOR JUNIOR C V RAMAN students can enrol in our regular weekdays / weekends / Sunday only batches as per availability for Yearlong Online or Offline class options.
    2. The Registration Fee, once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances, whatsoever.
    3. If at any centre, the strength of HUNT FOR JUNIOR C V RAMAN students in a batch is 30 or more, a dedicated batch such students will be made. However, if the strength of HUNT FOR JUNIOR C V RAMAN students at a centre is less than 30, then they will be allotted the best batch at the centre.
    4. The registered office of CV RAMAN SCHOOL FOR IIT-JEE is COIMBATORE. All disputes and differences of any nature with regard to the HUNT FOR JUNIOR CV RAMAN-2022, subsequent enrolment and studies will be under the exclusive Jurisdiction in COIMBATORE JUDICIAL Courts only.
    5. CVR reserves the right to change / cancel any program, eligibility criterion & course fee without prior notice.
    6. By registering for Hunt , you are signing up with CV Raman Academy and you are giving us the consent and agreeing to the terms that CV Raman Academy can reach out to you via telephone call, on Whatsapp & Facebook messenger, SMS and Email. These communications will be both transactional and promotional in nature.
    7. Existing students of CV RAMAN ACADEMY can take the test to know their current position and potential. However, Existing students are not eligible for any of the Cash Prizes, Zero Fee and Scholarships.

Student Testimonials

Hello! I’m R.Aakhas from Vidhya Niketan Public School studying in 10th grade. I’ve been a part of CV Raman academy for 4 years since grade 6. I’ve had great exposure to an extensive and really supportive peer group and academic panel (teachers). As a whole, my experience at CV Raman academy has really been a delightful and fruitful one at the same time. I strongly recommend students to join CV Raman Academy and benefit from them.

R. Aakhas

Vidhya Niketan Public School

I am S.Harshitha of National model matric higher secondary school,  I am studying in Cvraman  academy from 10th std , From CVR classes I gained   more knowledge which helps me in my academics. Physics- In physics classes I was able to gain the knowledge of basics which is so Important for working on problems and   not only it enhanced my knowledge, I was able to gain scientific understanding of day-to-day life activities.

S. Harshitha

National Model MHSS

Hello, I’m Jai Aakash of CVRaman Academy. So I’m studying here for past 1.5 years and after I joined here, I have gained much knowledge. To be frank, before joining here I will not even understand anything in science, but I will just totally mug up everything for exam. But after joining here, they made an interest for me in Physics, Chemistry as well as math. I’m really satisfied after joining here. Thank you!

Jai Aakash

Chavara Vidya Bhavan